March 26, 2017

One advantage of our 'sourcing direct from growers' model, is it cuts out the middleman and the costly storing/distribution costs, and waste. As we are in direct contact with the growers, it also means we can control quality and our growers only pick their finest products for you. In time, as we grow, like these feijoas, more and more of our produce will be sourced from local farmers. 

Result... the highest quality on the market at a great price. Take our feijoas which are $13 a kilo at the moment, not to mention they are pesticide free and grown with organic principles.

Now, let's introduce you to Deirdre and John, who grow this fabulous fruit!

Rehutai Orchards is located on the Takatu Peninsula, Matakana. At present, the main orchard crop is feijoa harvested from trees that were planted 13 years ago. Rehutai Orchards is owner operated by the Wafer family. 

Deirdre is in charge of the daily operations and has been on the property for 4 years. Enchanted by the coastal orchard and country lifestyle, Rehutai has certainly set Deirdre on a course for new learning. The orchard is now under conversion to organic certification. No sprays have been used on the orchard for the last 3 years. Deirdre has found that by maintaining good orchard hygiene processes there is no need to use chemicals. 

The feijoas are hand picked for orders. They are then chilled ready for grading. Grading is a rigorous process to ensure that only fruit at the optimal ripeness and quality is selected for you.

Rehutai feijoas are not only delicious when eaten as raw fruit but are wonderful in preserves. They freeze well with the addition of a little lemon juice to stop colour change and are a nice addition to cakes and crumbles. Feijoas are now widely recognised for their health benefits, including high levels of Vitamin C. ENJOY! The feijoa season is sadly way too short.