February 09, 2017

Hey everyone,

Our plans and processes are nearly ready to go, and we are excited to say we’ll be all set to take your orders from Sunday 26 February!  

We’ve created a model around a few things we’re incredibly passionate about, that we think you’re passionate about too:

  • Extremely fresh food that hasn’t gone stale on a shelf

    • Sally our organic grower based in Kumeu, who grows herbs, greens and vegetables, will be out harvesting your orders at 5am on a Saturday morning getting them ready to be delivered to you later that day in time to make a delicious lunch! The only way to get it fresher would be to grow it yourself.

  • Reducing waste by providing produce that lasts longer in the fridge

    • Food waste really gets our goat, so Sally receives your orders in advance, meaning your lettuce is only cut once bought. NOT cold stored then on a shelf for days before making it to your fridge and then inevitably your bin.

  • Supporting local growers and producers

    • Sally who dedicates her life to growing safe, organic, nutritious and delicious food, deserves to be rewarded fairly for her hard work. With Taste Integrity growers receive 65% of the retail price. Growers typically receive much less than 50% of the retail value from supermarkets.

We’re here to make it easy for you to access the best local producers who hold sustainable values at heart and help keep New Zealand green.

We’ll send you further details about how it all works and when you can make your first order in the next couple of weeks.

We can’t wait to get going!

Have a delicious day.

Your Taste Integrity Team


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