February 18, 2017


It’s true - your supermarket’s gone stale. From the invention of fake farms on fresh produce, to the misleading deals that are hitting our headlines, what they’re up to isn’t big, it isn’t clever, and it’s definitely not right.

There’s nothing that annoys us more than customers being misled about where their food comes from. It’s easy to get your head round the idea ‘you are what you eat’, but what happens if you’re kept in the dark about the journey your food takes before it arrives on your doorstep?

In our mission to fix the food chain, our tight team have been busy making Taste Integrity the leanest, most transparent way to get your hands on the freshest food possible. Using our fabulous ‘order-to-harvest’ model, we’ve created a supply chain that leaves supermarkets in our dust!

Nearly all our fresh local produce reaches you the same day it leaves its source - meaning your spinach is only cut once you’ve ordered it, so you get the absolute freshest food possible. 

To break it down, here’s the deliciously simple journey of three Taste Integrity foods - from harvest to you - to show just how fresh they are:

Mahurangi Macadamia Nuts

Jan, Nick and Seb the doggy amongst their macadamia trees.

Jan, Nick and Seb the doggy amongst their macadamia trees.

Mahurangi Macadamias, located near Algies Bay, in the Mahurangi, have different varieties of trees so they have harvests all year round, making sure you are getting nuts that are in season.

No pesticides are used on the trees which has its challenges because of the Queensland Guava moth, which arrived in NZ about 10 years ago, likes to try and wreck havoc.

Jan and Nick bake the macadamia nuts each week and deliver direct us on a Saturday morning. They’ll also have raw nuts available.

Zheng Lu

Zheng Lu tending to his tasty tomatoes.

Zheng Lu tending to his tasty tomatoes.

How many times have you bought tomatoes from supermarket only to find they are tasteless?

These days most tomatoes are grown in hydroponic systems, they look great but are tasteless. Zheng Lu knows that the tastiest tomatoes are the ones that are grown in soil.

“Our tomatoes are fungicide and pesticide free.The plants are watered with rain water collected from the roof of the greenhouse. The crops are grown in the ground of the greenhouse.

They are pollinated by bees and use Integrated Pest Management to minimise pest damage to crops. The system uses natural predator enemies to control pests such as insects, mites and disease.” 

Zheng Lu's tomatoes are harvested just in time for us to pick up from his farm in Dairy Flat early on Saturday morning to deliver direct to you.

Jersey Girl Organics 

This is Mary - she basically runs the place. She pasteurises the milk and bottles it, then makes sure it gets delivered to all the right places.
This is Mary - she basically runs the place. She pasteurises the milk and bottles it, then makes sure it gets delivered to all the right places. 

Jersey Girl's organic milk is transported to us direct from their farm in Matamata on a Saturday morning meaning you receive it the same day.  

Their production methods are more hands on and require commitment, and energy, there are no shortcuts and no artificial fertiliser.

There’s no production line fast tracking and no modifications to the milk. Jersey Girl's organic milk is pasteurised to eliminate bugs and is not homogenised.

The milk is high in important Omega 3 and A2 Protein.

A benefit of this model

Our unique model means that there’s zero food waste and we support sustainable small-scale farming, making you, our environment and our producers very happy in the process.

Have a delicious evening in the beautiful sunshine.

Your Taste Integrity Team