February 22, 2017


We know you love supporting local, independent producers and knowing exactly where your food comes from. We also know that there are certain foods you’ll need to order to make your menu for the week.

Almost everything on Taste Integrity will always be produced by local farmers and foodmakers. At the same time, there are some staples that we simply can’t grow on our green land - a ripe banana is as indispensable as a cup of freshly ground and brewed Brazilian coffee in the morning. Now we wouldn’t want you going without that! 

The point here is that being too rigid about local sourcing, doesn’t actually help our suppliers, as it means you, our customers, have to go elsewhere to shop, and the small producers we’re all trying to support miss out.

We always seek to be as transparent as possible, so you can make an informed decision about what you want to buy. In our produce section you will be able see a filter that shows you what items are grown within 100km’s of Auckland and see from which farm it was grown.

There’s a number of fruit and vege that can be grown in NZ that we are yet to find a single dedicated grower who is local to the Auckland region. We are currently working on filling these gaps. We have lined our delivery day up with farmers markets to help with this and also have growers planting crops as we speak.

So how are we going to fill the gaps in the mean time?

We’re delighted to introduce Jodee from our awesome organic wholesaler Pure Fresh Organic, who helps us find the things we are missing. Jodee says: “We generally only source our organics within NZ. Our bananas are imported from Mexico, but generally speaking, the majority of our produce is all NZ grown.”  

We will be working with Jodee to supply in season NZ organics only, with the exception of produce that literally can’t be grown in NZ.

There’s a big role you can play here. With a bit of time and more local customers, our existing farmers, and new farmers that we get on board, will be able to grow a broader local range. Ok, maybe not bananas, but more varieties at more times of the year, all produced closer to you.

We hope you have a delicious day.

Your Taste Integrity Team