February 24, 2017


It’s only two more sleeps until you can make your first order!

Here are all the important questions answered for you:

What will I be able to buy?
A wide range of the finest local products including fresh organic vegetables and herbs picked on the day you receive them, delicious organic meat sourced from local farms, free range eggs from super happy chickens, freshly baked bread that may still be warm when it lands on your doorstep, organic milk that is so fresh it may moo at you… Plus so much more!!

When will orders be open?
Orders will open at 11.00am on Sunday and will close at 11.00pm on Wednesday every week. On Thursday’s, Friday’s and so very early on Saturday mornings, our growers and producers will be busy getting your orders ready.

To ensure we deliver the service you deserve, for week one, we are limiting our orders to the first 80 we receive. Never fear, it won’t be long until we take on more orders each week.

When will my order be delivered?
Your order will be delivered on a Saturday morning or afternoon, depending on your delivery zone. If you are not home, your order will be left in a shady place and you will receive a text message to let you know it’s been delivered and we will leave an ice pack with your order to keep it cool. If you order chilled goods, you are welcome to leave a chill box or chilly bin out for your order.

Where do you deliver?

Delivery Zone: Taste integrity

Click here to view full map. We’ll will look to add more delivery zones soon.

Is this another vege box subscription?
Nope, it’s not! Unlike your standard vege box subscriptions, we leave the choice up to you. You will able to select exactly what you want without being sent items that you don’t want or need.  Each week, our local producers will let us know what they have available and we’ll update the website to reflect this.

What happens as you grow?
Our service will only get better! As we grow, we’ll be able to have more variety of fresh, local produce grown by more local growers, a wider delivery zone and we will be making more of a difference in re-shaping and fixing the current food system.

We can’t wait for you to see what we have created and after months of hard work, we can’t wait to get started!

Have a delicious day!

Your Taste Integrity Team